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Your Interface Managers for complex

Does this situation sound familiar?

Pharma-Engineering Projects are characterised by both a high complexity and the coaction of numerous stakeholders such as:

  • Stakeholders within your company
  • The Steering-Committee
  • Related technical fields like quality and compliance, procurement, project management and others
  • External service providers such as EPCM or other contractors

The highest risk and main challenge is the management of the numerous interfacing stakeholders.

We frequently experience a shortage of resources for the steering and control of all of according interfaces at our client firms.

In complex projects, the interfacing stakeholders and functions are not always precisely defined nor interlocked which may lead to information deficiencies and time lags.

ScieTec’s solution:

When executing complex projects with strict timelines and a high demand of quality results, companies are forced to strengthen the interfaces, the supposed blind spots.

Due to the reasons mentioned above, many companies need a strong partner to do so, who is not only skilled in project management but also can provide operational expertise and punch.

This partner, ScieTec, will undertake the role of an independent project management partner over the entire term of the project.
To do so, we utilise our technical, compliance, and management expertise for generating the best result.

“Connective” ScieTec

ScieTec builds bridges between you and your contractors, suppliers, and EPCM-Partners as well as in-between the diverse divisions internally.

ScieTec secures transparency and consistent reporting during your project.

Your Benefits:

» By strengthening the interfaces, all project team members are better connected and interfaces become more visible

» By closer interfaces, a smooth project flow will be ensured

» With our “Early-Alert-Management, upcoming issues will be detected earlier so that measures can be taken immediately

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